Friday, 17 July 2009

An update

Sorry havent reported much for a while but i have been very busy with my allotment, animals and general life
We have just had 2 beautiful weeks of hot sunshine, but now we are having heavy thunderstorms, with the rain battering the blooms :(
below are some pics took recently

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Buds are Blooming

All the buds are really starting to open now, and the weather has been quite warm., the tadpoles have all hatched and the birds are singing their hearts out, but still havent any in the bird boxes yet :(
The grass has started to grow super quick but i havent used the lawn mower yet as the chickens are doing a great job of keeeping it llow..haha. There are a pair of mistle thrushes that keep sounding off and fighting with the nesting magpies, I assume they too have a nest near by. A pair of blackbirds have been collecting nesting stuff too but arent nesting in my garden.
Below are some of the flowers that have bloomed this month....

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Spring has sprung

Lots of things are starting to shoot up now, the Daffodils are out along with the snowdroops and Primroses, the Tulips are starting to bud aswel. All the leaves on the bushes and trees are also starting to bud.
On March 19th I had my first frogspawn, all that weeek the frogs were going mad, first time i have heard them like this, there must of been atleast 18-20 frogs!

As for the birds,
still getting lots visit but have noticed havent had many bluetits this year or Green finches, havent a clue why not!
Also im not having much interest with my bird boxes :( My kids have seen 2 Goldfinches going in to the box near my French Doors but I havent, and i dont think these usualy nest in boxes do they?

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Coldest February in a decade

Well This February has been the coldest in 10yrs!, we have had quite a bit of snow too. the ponds have been frozen over for most of the month and I think the chickens are fed up with the snow too. The bird feeders have been emptying pretty fast, and have had daily visits from the Long tail tits amongst the regulars. Yesterday being the 18th Feb I took a look around the garden as all the snow had gone :) and i noticed the snowdrops are just starting to flower, which is quite later than the last few years, hopefully get some pictures up soon.

Thursday, 8 January 2009

Cold start to the New year!

Well January has started off being very cold infact its been recorded that it was actually -12 in some parts off britain, which even froze the sea sea edge!! I think our lowest was -9, mind you that hasnt stopped the Magpies starting their nest in next door but ones garden! The Climbing hydranger has started budding too along with the elderberry. I was amazed one day this week at how many Longtail tits arrived together in my garden, you can see a pic of them below.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The Early Winter Garden

Well the garden doesnt look much now the winter is here. The birds have started to flock back though and getting lots on the feeders. The chickens dont seem to be out much but it is very cold at the moment and we have had a few very small snow flurries. The Grass doesnt look to healthy either, think the chickens have took the goodness out of t :(