Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Spiders webs are everywhere!

Well my garden seems to be full of spiders webs everywhere, not nice when you walk in to them though! the weather has been a bit nicer today so the chickens have been free ranging in the garden and seem to be loving it, not sure my grass is as happy though with them scratching it up :(
I have pickled some beetroot today from what i have grown up the allotment and have prepare what we call an allotment dinner, to see those pictures go to my allotent blog.. link on the right.
There doesnt seem to be many birds around today ive noticed, not sure why, the bird feeders are all full! also havent seen any baby frogs for a while so they are either hiding or hybinating

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

peppers are ripening

In my peppers are coming along nicely and are now turning an orangy yellow colour, the mixed lettuce leaves are coming along too as are the fennel and cardoon plants. As for the chickens, they are board cause ive not let them out today because its raining :(

photos below.

I have my chickens !

well on Wednesday 13th september I went and fetch 2 chickens from a lady who was giving them away as someone had given them to her but she hadnt the room for them. Apparently they are "Amber stars", not quite sure how old they are but they are both laying an egg a day for me already, so they must like their new home. The kids have called them "millie & Molly",They are soooo friendly and everytime i go in to the garden they come over and talk to me, I never thought chickens were this friendly, myself and the kids love them!

Here are some pictures of them...

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

im going to have chickens

woooohooooo ive decided to have a couple of chickens..i have had a coup/run built by my dad and good neighbour carl, will get a few pics up as soon as i have them.