Thursday, 26 March 2009

Spring has sprung

Lots of things are starting to shoot up now, the Daffodils are out along with the snowdroops and Primroses, the Tulips are starting to bud aswel. All the leaves on the bushes and trees are also starting to bud.
On March 19th I had my first frogspawn, all that weeek the frogs were going mad, first time i have heard them like this, there must of been atleast 18-20 frogs!

As for the birds,
still getting lots visit but have noticed havent had many bluetits this year or Green finches, havent a clue why not!
Also im not having much interest with my bird boxes :( My kids have seen 2 Goldfinches going in to the box near my French Doors but I havent, and i dont think these usualy nest in boxes do they?