Sunday, 30 November 2008

Coal Tits for the first time

OOOOOHHHH today I had 2 Coal tits on my bird feeder, I was in the garden at the time without my camera :( At first I thought they were Great tits but noticed the real black markings on their head and the backs being more of a grey colour... It was only after searching on google images that i found out they were Coal tits, im thrilled! Just wish id of got a photo of them... hopefully they will be back when i can get my camera out.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

We Had a snow flurry!

Well On Sunday 23rd November 2008 we had a snow flurry! I quickly filled all the bird feeders up.
It was a good job that I had cleared the garden up the day before, I also was going to clean out the middle pond but after scooping a few leaves out I found lots of baby newts amongst them so decided it was best to leave the pond as it was, just hope the baby newts survive I thought they hibernated amongst rocks and logs in the winter?
Also Today I saw a gull on my neibours roof, they dont usually settle near our gardens..have seen them flying over but never still.