Wednesday, 15 October 2008

And another Chicken!!!

Well on the 12Th October I went to the "East of England Autumn show" and when I went to the chicken section, I mention to one of the owners that I was having trouble with the Amber lees not taking to the Black rocks and that "Dolly" the one who has a sore back and gets bullied severely was really depressed, guess what he said.... "Add another"!!! well i couldn't resist so ended up with another "Black rock" who we have called "Holly", so now we have Millie,Molly,polly,Dolly and Holly, the pecking order began again but 2 days later 4 of the hens were getting on great apart from "Dolly" the one with the sore back... she still spends most of the time in the pen on her own :( so im wondering if i should maybe send her back to where she came from :(
below are a couple of pictures.

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