Saturday, 18 October 2008

The Chickens have sorted the pecking order out atlast!

Well the chickens have atlast sorted out the "pecking order" so to say, Millie is top dog then molly, then polly, then dolly, then holly, they seem to be able to roam around the garden now without the visous fighting!. Im still getting 2 eggs a day aswel, even though they are in moult (they are from Millie and Molly the Amber stars) I cant wait for the "Black Rocks" to lay but i suppose it will be spring before they do!
Elsewhere in the garden... I have seen the sparrow hawk back lovely to seee but im really worried about the little birds now :(
Autumn is realy here too as the trees are turning beautiful colours, also droping their leaves everywhere, which the chickens love when i brush them all up and put in to a pile, they then like to scrat through them scattering them about again!

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